The Best of Cocoa

Selected Raw Materials



In order to produce our Natural Cocoa Powder, the work begins with the purchase of selected cocoa beans, which go through a judicious process of roasting, grinding, pressing, and micronization, thus, guaranteeing the best characteristics of aromas and flavors.

Cocoa Powder is the product resulting from the process of separating the cocoa beans solids from its fats.

Brazilcoa offers the following varieties of Natural Cocoa Powder:


  • Standard

    The Brazilcoa Quality guarantees the best productions of chocolates and derivatives, chocolate products, toppings, dry mixes, confections, and desserts. You and your customers will approve the Standard line, which adds quality at the best prices.


  • Premium

    We have selected the best seeds to preserve the purity of the cocoa in its maximum state. The Brazilcoa Premium line will make a difference in the production of dairy drinks, chocolate products, bakery and confectionery products, ice cream, chocolate and derivatives, compounds, toppings, confections, and desserts.


Natural Cocoa Powder


Organoleptic Features

Fine powder of light brown color with original cocoa almond flavor and aroma.

Physical-Chemical Features


Humidity 5% (maximum)

PH from 5.0 to 6.0

Fat Content 10 – 12%

Granulometry (# 200 mesh) 95 – 100%


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