The Best of Cocoa

Rae materials selected to produce the best chocolate.


The best cocoa almonds guarantee the best cocoa butter. After specific cold pressing processes for the separation of the solid and fats, the product is filtered and molded. The quality of Brazilcoa Cocoa Butter is produced from the highest production technology and comes with Brazilcoa’s quality assurance.

Brazilcoa offers the following varieties of Cocoa Butter:


  • Natural Cocoa Butter

    Natural Cocoa Butter is the material obtained from the cold pressing of cocoa beans and the preservation of the natural cocoa flavor.

  • Deodorized Cocoa Butter

    The Quality of Brazilcoa Deodorized Butter is guaranteed by the careful selection of cocoa and by cold pressing technology. In this process, the fats are extracted to subsequently perform high filtration and deodorization, thereby reducing the marked cocoa aroma.


Deodorized Cocoa Butter


Organoleptic Characteristics

Product extracted from the cocoa mass, by hydraulic pressure, with solid appearance, light yellow color, with distinctive flavor and aroma after its processing.

Physical-Chemical Features

Humidity 0.2% (maximum)

Melting Point 28 – 35ºC

Fat Content 100%

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