Brazilcoa Differentials


Based on concepts to generate quality and good service, Brazilcoa is ready to give all the support to its clients, seeking more and more excellence. The tailored service, uniform quality, and guaranteed supply are part of our differentials.


Work Policy



Based on partnerships consolidation, our Work Policy aims at lasting relationships with our customers, offering products that fully meet their quality and cost needs for their application.

The care at each stage of production is guided by the high standard of quality that we acquired from the great experience accumulated.



Offer cocoa products with differentials of quality, service, and price, covering all segments of the food industry in the national scenario.



Grow with sustainability and consolidated partnerships with the goal of becoming a benchmark in the national market.



Ethics, flexibility, focus, and transparency in relations with our trading partners.


Cultivating Relationships

Sustainability, for us at Brazilcoa, begins with special attention to the environment, this irreplaceable source of treasures, the essential basis of our work. It involves the care in always seeking the proper cultivation and management methods, as well as the most correct processes of manufacture, handling, and transport of products. This is completed with a relationship and quality policy that has been taking shape as the great differential of Brazilcoa.

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